Photo: Barry Westerman / Louisville Real Estate Photography

Music at St. John

The cornerstone of St. John Worship is Music. Though it may be experienced through word and melody, bow on string, or wind in pipe, the theology of music unites us all with the Creator, helping to mold us as Christians.

At St. John, the Gothic-Revival Sanctuary, dedicated in 1867, is home to The Chamber Singers and forty-two rank Steiner Organ. Installed in 1981, the Steiner Organ was given to St. John Church by faithful members and friends of the congregation through their donations to Project 104, the Organ fund-raising campaign led by Anita Boss Weisert.

​"O Sing to God a new song; sing to God, all the earth.
​Sing to God, bless God’s name; tell of God’s salvation from day to day.​
Declare God’s glory among the nations, God’s marvelous works among all the peoples."

​Psalm 96, 1-3

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