1836   First assemblies of informal worship of small groups of Germans in homes.

1843   Congregation organized, Constitution written.

1848   First church sanctuary dedicated September 10, located on Hancock Street between Market and Jefferson Streets.

1849   Parochial School for German Students instituted and continued until 1881.

1855   Parsonage purchased opposite church.

1856   St. John united with Evangelical Church Society of the West.

1861   Lot at Clay and Market Streets purchased for $8,000.

1866   Cornerstone laid for new church on June 24.

           Ladies’ Aid Society organized by pastor.1867 New sanctuary dedicated October 20.

1869   Parochial school house erected, using proceeds ($5,000) from sale of sanctuary on Hancock St.

1883   Building of present Parish House using$1,400 from sale of parsonage on Hancock Street.

1885   Church bells and tower clock installed.

1892   Confirmation instructions given partly in English.

1893   First English Sunday evening services (February).

            Electric lighting system installed.

           Sunday school membership 600 with 45 teachers.

1896   First church paper (the Messenger) issued Easter Sunday contained both English and German.

1897   First Sunday morning English services held at the School House in August.

1898   Carrara marble baptismal font presented in memory of Mrs. Therese Rehm.

1899   “$10,000 Offering” completed in 6 months (100 people give $100).

1900   Revision and translation into English of Constitution and By-laws.

1901   Organization of Treble Choir (children).

1903   English services held first time in Sanctuary on last Sunday of each month.

1906   Dedication of Parish Hall. (Present building)

1925   Sanctuary remodeled and renovated – new pews; carpeting; side balconies removed; office addition built and new heating

           system, at a cost of $70,000.

           Stockhoff memorial organ dedicated.

1930   Broadcast series “Fellowship Chapel” began on WHAS radio.

1934   Union of Evangelical Synod of North America and Reformed Church in the United States.

1936   Children’s monthly worship services introduced.

1937   January worst flood in history of Louisville. St. John completely surrounded with water but remained untouched. Services

           suspended for 2 Sundays. Parish converted into sleeping quarters and dining room for 250 refugees.

1939   Christmas Eve Candlelight Service introduced.

           Monthly German services terminated.

1941-1945   At least 100 St. John’s men served in Armed Forces. St. John’s only casualty was Lt. David Wm. Hueck, Jr., killed in action.

1942   Pew Communion introduced Good Friday.Organization of Girls’ Guild.

1943   Centennial year celebrated – debt free.

1949   New hymnals purchased, dedicated to memory of Julia Bachus Horn, Organist 1926 – 1949.

1953   Dedication of renovated Parish Hall - $43, 293.81.1957

           Merger of Evangelical and Reformed Church and the Congregational Christian Church to become the United Church of Christ. 

           Monthly prayer and healing service introduced.

1964   New organ console dedicated.

1966   100th Anniversary of sanctuary. Present steeple installed. Needlepoint runner dedicated on 100th Anniversary Sunday.

1968   Dial-a-prayer started in October.

           Dorcas Class 50th Anniversary.

1970   St. John completed 40 years of participation in “Fellowship Chapel” broadcast when WHAS discontinued program.

           East Market Street Boy’s Club disbanded after 11 ½ years of leadership by St. John’s men.

1973   St. John Archives begun.

1975   Archives dedicated “Theodore S. Schlundt Memorial Archives”.

           Complete renovation of sanctuary.

1976   Dedication of marker designating St. John a Kentucky Historical Landmark.

1981   New Steiner Organ dedicated. Funds raised through Project 104.

1988   Lights installed to light St. John Steeple.

1989   Renovation and air conditioning of Parish House.

1990   Dorcas Class disbanded, using money to refurbish parlor in Parish House to be known as “The Dorcas Room”.

1991   125th Anniversary of The Women’s Guild.

1992   125th Anniversary of Sanctuary.

1993   150th Anniversary year. Challenge 150 yielded approximately 51,000 – ½ to be used by church and remaining 1/2 share with

           Brooklawn Home, Eden Seminary, Wayside Christian Mission, Habitat for Humanity and Indiana-Kentucky Conference

           Reaching for Tomorrow campaign.

           Ramp for the Handicapped installed at the rear of the sanctuary.

1994   Summer Singers inaugurated.

1995   Adoption by St. John of a seminary student in India – Paul Ravikumar.

1996   Installation of air conditioning for Sanctuary using funds raised by Challenge 150.

           Moving T. S. Schlundt Memorial Archives to the first floor of the Parish Hall.

2001   Congregation voted to be known as “St. John United Church of Christ.”

2005   Establishment of Endowment Fund.

2006   Celebrated 100th Anniversary of Parish Hall. 

2008   Rev. Walter Snowa retired.

2013   170th Anniversary of the church.

The historical facts and illustration were obtained from St. John records and compiled by LaVern S. Rupp, Archivist, 1991-2014.

The Archives (located in the Parish Hall) is a vast collection of materials, much of it contributed by members and friends, pertaining to St. John's history since it's founding in 1843.

Included are these items:
Copies of our newsletter "The Messenger" from 1896
Weekly Bulletins
Church board minutes since the 1930's
Confirmations, Class photographs, and Bulletins dating from the early 1900's
Photographs and files of ministers since 1848
Photographs of Organists and various choirs
Information of musical programs
A rare 1932 friendship quilt
Service flags from World War II listing St. John's men
A collection of photos and files pertaining to all aspects of church history

The following Genealogical records are on micro-film:
 Original Record Book Baptisms: 1865-1892 Marriages: 1869-1907 Confirmations: 1876-1975 Deaths: 1867-1949

​Genealogical records may be viewed at:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
The Filson Historical Society
The University of Louisville Library (1865-1949)


You may also visit:


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